Package Holidays 2015


Package holidays to awesome beach resorts and weekend breaks are all extraordinary travelling experiences, but how about sightseeing tours that include in itinerary awesome natural landmarks, stunning scenery, picturesque villages, medieval castles, and many other types of attractions? Lasting just a few hours, a week or even several months, tours benefit from a growing popularity in 2015, and as a result travel agents offer many tour packages to destinations in the UK, Europe, Africa, South-east Asia and Americas. Of course, there is a number of travellers who book combined trips, respectively package holidays that include a couple of days of relaxation on the beach or skiing on snowy slopes, dotted with day tours in surrounding regions to see the local attractions. In addition, there can be also organized city holidays continued with cruises or adventure trips like African safari.

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Beach Holidays

Tours are amazing life experiences highly enjoyed by all sightseers, but package holidays to beach resorts are in top of preferences in 2015 with many tourists and especially families with children and groups of youths wanting to party around-the-clock. The warm weather, exciting holiday activities and laid-back atmosphere are irresistible draws, so beach holidays are booked annually by millions of people keen to soak up the summer warmth and rest on sunny seashores. Europe is once again a superb destination for breaks focused on beach life, having many countries with long coastlines full of hotels and holiday rental properties of all types including villas, cottages and bungalows. Through the most popular places for summer holidays in 2015 outside United Kingdom can be mentioned Greece and its myriad of islands, Cyprus, Malta, Italy, Portugal, Southern France and Spain to name but a few. Other more remote travel destinations to book package holidays centered on beach experiences are exotic spots reachable by long-haul flights like island of Bali in Indonesia, Thailand, Caribbean, Maldives and Seychelles.

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City Breaks

In 2015 city breaks in Europe and the UK are excellent alternatives to beach holidays and tours, and are preferred by an increasing number of travellers. Not just that short breaks take less time, but it are very intense and filled with tens or even hundreds of attractions to explore in just a couple of days or a weekend. Museums, exhibits, shows, historic landmarks, sport matches, interesting buildings, old districts – all are enjoyed one after another during short tours and enable holidaymakers to soak up a considerable number of urban wonders in a flash. Through the most appreciated city break destinations in Europe offering package holidays to discover old towns are London in the United Kingdom, Dublin in Ireland, Paris in France, Florence in Italy, Barcelona in Spain, Budapest in Hungary, and many others. Nevertheless, there are some tourists who like city breaks focused on shopping and one such fantastic destination is Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

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